Conferencia sobre terrorismo y violencia en Bulgaria

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6th CICA-STR International Conference

on Terrorism and Aggression:

Towards Increased Freedom and Security


September 8-11, 2012

Burgas, Bulgaria


The  Coloquios Internacionales sobre Cerebro y Agresion (CICA) and the Society for Terrorism Research (STR) welcome you to their 6th Annual International Conference on Terrorism and Aggression: Towards Increased Freedom and Security. This interdisciplinary event brings together scholars with different backgrounds, unified by the idea that terrorism and violence are not only great challenges to national, regional and global security,  but can also lead to the restriction of freedom and individual security.

The values of security and freedom have guided human action in every culture and society. Historically these values have been strong incentives for political participation and citizen mobilization; currently, security and freedom are at the core of events and processes that impact upon domestic and international political decision making. One of the most negative consequences of violence and terrorism is that they create the illusion that freedom and security are incompatible, that one should be sacrificed in the name of the other and democratic governments may ensure either one or the other, but never both. We strongly believe that the research and findings, which will be presented during this conference will contribute to a realisation that it is possible – even though it is not easy – to live in a free and safe world.

The conference, as always, will create an excellent environment to share, learn, collaborate and discuss in formal and non-formal ways.

The conference is scheduled to take place on 8–11 September 2012 in Burgas, one of the most beautiful cities of Bulgaria, situated on the Southern Black Sea side of the country. In 2010 it was awarded the National media prize “Bulgaria’s best city”. With its rich cultural traditions and its spirit of cosmopolitism, the city provides an excellent setting for the conference and we hope all participants will enjoy very much their stay in Burgas and the surrounding area.   



Sponsors of this year’s event are:

Coloquios Internacionales sobre Cerebro y Agresion (CICA)

Society for Terrorism Research (STR)

Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, Faculty of Philosophy

University of Library Studies and Information

National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria

Burgas Municipality


Call for Papers                       Deadline: April 30, 2012 

Early Bird Registration         Deadline: May 30, 2012 


For more information about the conference, please contact:

Prof. Tatyana Drozina  (Local Organizer)             


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